Tech Your Business Podcast

Tech Your Business Podcast

Dive into the world of digital transformation with CEO Mark Nicholls in this podcast guesting, where we explore the pivotal role of information and data governance as companies navigate their digitization journeys.

In this compelling interview, Mark Nicholls uncovers the critical elements of data governance and why it’s foundational for organizations undergoing digital transformation. He highlights a common challenge many face: the downstream manipulation of data to clean it up for use, rather than addressing data quality at the point of entry.

Mark emphasizes the significance of clearly defining responsibilities within an organization to ensure data integrity from the start. This approach not only streamlines processes but also sets the stage for leveraging advanced technologies like AI effectively, facilitating better decision-making and driving innovation.

But it’s not just about data collection. As Mark points out, with the rise of cybersecurity risks, it’s increasingly important to weigh the value against the risks of holding vast amounts of data. This shift in mindset from ‘collect everything’ to ‘collect what’s necessary’ marks a critical evolution in data strategy.

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