Deliver on your digital investment

When it comes to delivering digital technology outcomes that align with your business objectives, you need a partner who can support you to define what it is you want to achieve and get it done on time and in budget.

Most importantly, you need a partner who can deliver your growth objectives.

Our Implementation capabilities span from building the Business Case for change with clear purpose, costs, and benefits, through to getting a seamless program or project up and running, defining requirements, supporting the sourcing and procurement of technology products, services and specialists, and delivering the Business Transformation or Technology Improvement with you and your team.

We can also harness our Program and Project Delivery, PMO and other specialist skills as required to ensure your success. Along the way, risks will be identified, mitigated or avoided, staff will be engaged and empowered with new skills and your organisation can achieve its benefits and outcomes.

Grow your way with Implementation

Access clear investment analysis that targets the right business outcome with the right approach and right technology options.
Translate your investment plans into business outcomes.
Build organisational capability as part of the transition process to build the new future.
Target risk management to remove the chance of mission critical missteps.

Our Implementation Capabilities

Start the conversation to achieve reliable delivery outcomes.

Business Case, Scope, Cost & Benefits Planning

Proven methodologies for solving complex problems.

Many organisations can struggle to translate their goals or strategic vision into an investable storyline and reliable delivery plan. The starting point for many a successful investment is to create a strong business case, define the scope, cost and benefit estimates, outline a reliable delivery plan and gain organisational support for its go-ahead.

This is where we come in.

Information Professionals has a proven methodology for assisting organisations to deliver transformational work. We use strategies and roadmaps to capture the key outcomes and initiatives and the order in which they’ll need to be delivered. We outline the expected timing, costs and risks and develop a compelling storyline within a Business Case that will get organisational support and endorsement and get your project started.

The IPG Digital Innovation Delivery (IPG DiD) model for achieving Innovation outcomes with Digital Technology is what we use to guide our estimation, planning and delivery. The model ensures you won’t experience surprise costs due to estimation omissions, or find gaps and overlaps between what your suppliers deliver and what your team delivers. Cost and schedule overlaps and activity gaps will be avoided upfront during planning.

Grow Your Way with Our Capabilities in

Program & Project Performance Measures

Align KPIs, measures and reporting to the outcomes and behaviours you are seeking, for both your internal teams and from suppliers.

Business Case Development

Deliver a business case that aligns stakeholders across the organisation, clarifies and gains support for the initiative, and sets expectations that can ultimately be delivered.

Cost & Benefits Modelling

Whole of organisation benefits and cost implications are crucial to determining the veracity of any investment. We know what to look for (and why), what to include, and what not to include in a valid cost-benefit assessment.

Risk Assessment

Pragmatic and business-based risk assessments that assesses both business and technology risks and integrates that into the plan.

People Design

Define the management, business, technical and specialist skills required, where, how and when they will be sourced, so this forms part of the overall plan.

Best Practice Governance Design

Integrate organisational governance and stakeholder expectations into program and project governance to ensure the project is set up for success.

Specialist Accredited Skills & Experience

MSP, PRINCE2 and PMBoK, Investment Logic Mapping, Government Business Case development standards, BABoK and DMBoK knowledgebases, Kotter and PROSCI for Change Management and TOGAF for Enterprise Architecture.

Want to solve the most complex problems in your organisation?

Go to Market & Procurement Support

Sourcing the right capabilities to achieve your goals.

Securing externally sourced digital technology products and services from the market is critical for most organisations. It offers opportunities to increment your own capabilities so you can meet your business objectives more quickly. But it can also present a variety of risks you will need to navigate.

Through our strategic sourcing and procurement capabilities, we can help you decide what to outsource and what to keep in-house, and why, as well as delivering go-to-market support that engages the market for information, qualification, offers, evaluation and eventually engagement.

Our extensive knowledge is enhanced by our ability to leverage from our partner expertise, methods and research including Gartner and Info-Tech research.

We can also assist with procurement, contract renewal and high stakes contract evaluation and negotiation.

Grow Your Way with Our Capabilities in

Go to Market Design

Best practice methods in go-to-market design, coupled with best practice delivery in market testing, engagement, evaluation and negotiation so you can maximise your competitive market responses.

Market Contestability

Assess the value of external versus internal sourcing to rebalance capabilities, reduce costs, meet strategic and operational objectives or take advantage of new market options.

Market Qualification & Engagement

Engage the market pro-actively to assess capabilities, qualify sourcing strategy or prepare for a future procurement.


Specialist sourcing and procurement for digital technology programs and projects using our deep industry knowledge so you lock in the right products or services solution on the right terms to deliver the results you are seeking.

Contract Renewal & Negotiation

Gain support from our experienced specialists in negotiating and evaluating high importance procurements and contracts. Optimise contract formation and renewal and rollover to ensure you are still getting optimum value for your investment.

Transition-in & Transition-out

Plan and navigate the transition-out of existing providers and the transition-in of new ones, with your interests and risks protected.

Performance Measurement and Management

The design, agreement to, and implementation of best practice KPIs, performance measures and the ability to link these to commercial structures, terms, and conditions with suppliers.

Project & Program Delivery

To guide how suppliers will be engaged, onboarded, managed and off boarded, and integrated with the overall delivery team.

Requirements, Business Analysis, Architecture & Cybersecurity

These are critical ingredients to know what you need and assess your needs against market capability and offers.

If you’re aiming to make optimal use of market versus internal capabilities, get in touch with us today.

Requirements & Business Analysis

Know your needs and why.

The reasons to define and analyse your current state and design your future-state are many and varied.

Whatever your reason, Information Professionals have worked with both government and commercial organisations to analyse their current and required practices and chart the path to improved operational performance.

In Requirements and Business Analysis, our go-to analysis techniques normally include BIZBOK (Business Architecture Body of Knowledge), and BABOK (Business Analysis Body of Knowledge). Other methods and standards may be employed if required.

The goal is to achieve the optimal outcome for your organisation whether for improvements, to digitise, improve customer experience, find productivity savings or many other objectives. To this end, we can operate in an Agile or Waterfall style approach, or any combination. Our approach can include input and participation from key decision makers, workshops, extensive consultation, collaboration or co-design, visual design boards, as well as engaging executive and subject matter experts. And deliverables can include requirements documentation, user stories, specifications or diagnostic and discussion papers.

Grow Your Way with Our Capabilities in

Risk & Opportunity Analysis

Diagnose areas of concern or areas for improved productivity opportunities in the operation of your organisation. This can include identifying and testing solution alternatives to provide alternative delivery profiles across different business options.

Change & Decision-Making Support

Provide discussion and analysis to pre-empt Board and Executive discussions, input into feasibility, cost-benefits or guide other decision making to consider the impacts and remediations for business change.

New ways of working

Create new ways of working with your customers, staff and across broader teams, including key suppliers. This includes new business functions due to new innovations, acquisitions, new policy or (in government) machinery of government changes.

Business & System Design

As part of programs and projects, inform the requirements and design of new technology and their related business and system designs.

Shared & Outsourced Service Analysis

Review and consider shared and outsourced sourcing, defining core and non-core capabilities, to support sourcing and operating model design.

Investment Logic Mapping

We leverage this technique to uncover the core and common business needs across diverse stakeholder groups to create a cohesive view as to why any initiative is being pursued, and therefore what it should achieve.

Do you want know where your business opportunities are?

Business Process, Data & Change Management

Managing whole-of-organisation impacts and implications.

Digital innovation, transformation and improvement can impact on a range of areas of every organisation from executive leadership, technology and business processes to data, policy and people.

Not every change impacts all these areas, but if they do, missing them can be terminal to the work. And ensuring business process, data and change is taken care of, is the linchpin to achieving the positive business impacts, and delivering business benefits off the back of any technology investment.

This whole of organisation change, when combined with technology change is where we work best.

Grow Your Way with Our Capabilities in

Business Process Management

Reviewing or re-engineering business processes can help your business to understand your effectiveness, your risks, identify opportunities for improvement, and generate benefits through standardisation, simplification and optimisation of existing processes.

We use both the BABoK from International Institute of Business Analysts and the APQC process framework as reference frameworks, which also provides a common baseline from which to assess product alternatives in the market, inform market engagement and research activities, and therefore future improvements. Other reference architectures can be used if required, in particular those from systems providers where the target technology is defined.

Data Governance & Management

Data has always been the means by which an organisation’s operation flows and creates value for clients, stakeholders, shareholders and staff. And it’s more important today than ever due to its ability to unlock new insights and opportunities.

Data governance capability is crucial for your organisation to be able to realise that value from your data, maintain it, leverage it, integrate it into existing ways of working and gain the growth and outcomes from it. Supporting capabilities include data quality and cleansing programs, data mapping, data analytics and data and information strategy.

Organisational Change Management

Effective change management helps employees to understand, commit to, accept, and embrace changes in their current business environment. Your change needs will be unique to you and your organisation.

To successfully implement transformation agendas, you need the right people at the right time engaging in the right way to make, manage or adopt the change underway.

Stakeholder Management & Communication

Stakeholder management and communication plays a pivotal part in any program or project within your organisation. Identifying key stakeholders and understanding their needs as early as possible, will help to ensure the ongoing support and smooth operation of your change initiative.

As your initiative moves into being led more broadly by a range of stakeholders across the organisation, you know that success is on its way.

Our experience helps you to better organise your stakeholder environment and build positive relationships, through services such as stakeholder and community research, engagement and facilitation, communication strategy and crisis communication, and communication and engagement material design and development.

Need to generate or support business change in your organisation? Get in touch with us today.

Program and Project Delivery & PMO

Leading a smooth transition.

The ability to consistently deliver projects successfully creates significant and ongoing value within your organisation.

Our program and project delivery services support an end-to-end whole of organisation approach, to model, plan and manage across the Digital Innovation Delivery lifecycle. The IPG DiD model is the Digital Innovation Delivery model for achieving Innovation outcomes with Digital Technology.

We apply it at the business case and planning stages, because good delivery starts with good planning. Then it guides the delivery process, informing what decisions needs to made when, what work is dependent on other work, and how to bring together technology, process, data, stakeholders and governance to deliver the outcomes that underpinned the original investment.

This supports our collaborative work with our clients, combining our experience with your subject matter experts to deliver improved ongoing capability in your systems and staff. At IPG we know that it pays off for clients to view the implementation of a major innovation or transformation initiative as the start of a new capability for the organisation, rather than the end of a project. This is where maximum leverage is achieved.

We work with waterfall, agile and blended approaches. These can be tailored to provide the level of governance controls and reporting required and we have an exceptional track record of delivering on time and within budget while maintaining stakeholder and delivery quality expectations.

Grow Your Way with Our Capabilities in

Project & Program Delivery

Ensuring an appropriate blend of management skills to ensure control over resource spend and activities, combined with leadership skills to align everyone in bringing a multi-dimensional initiative to fruition, is critical.

Using our detailed program and project delivery disciplines, we deliver successful projects through scope management and change control, cost and benefit analysis and management, value management, resource allocations, dependency and milestone management. The leadership skills that bring stakeholders and team members on the journey include communications and negotiations skills, business context and always strong ethics.

Program, Project & Governance Design

Standing up a program or project within the context of your organisation, defining resourcing, sourcing arrangements, integrating governance and defining structure is a critical step in ensuring smooth and effective operation.

Resource Management

Definition, planning for and engagement of management, technical, business and specialist skills, including subject matter experts, is a key pre-requisite for every initiative.

Scope & Change Control

Ultimately a major determinant of success to ensure that scope gets varied as and when required and within the context of the objectives being pursued. Strong controls here don’t mean no change – but they will mean effective change.

Quality Management

Quality management through quality control and quality assurance, ensuring the right quality is being met and being paid for.

Risk Management

Risk and issue identification, analysis, assessment, and management to stay ahead of those things that could derail the outcomes.

Knowledge Management

Ensuring that the system and change comes with increased knowledge and capability, that takes you forward from go-live, not just to go-live.

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder, change and communications integrated into the digital delivery cycle to keep everyone operating together as one team.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Clarity of costs and cost forecasts, linked to budgets and funding sources and reported on that ensures effective cost management.

Program & Project Reporting

Performance reporting, including independent verification of key milestones, and management of dependencies and resources, integrated through the team so everyone works together to deliver on program and project accountabilities.

Specialist Accredited Skills & Experience

A range of specialists can be required to supplement your capabilities, including architects, program and project managers and PMO analysts, business, data and change analysts and other specialists. Meeting skills and accreditations as well as style and team fit are crucial attributes IPG can deliver.

If you’re ready to deliver successfully, get in touch to discover how we can help.

Quality & Assurance

Early detection and peace of mind.

Quality and assurance provide the verification that your digital technology investments are on track to deliver to their objectives.

Whether it’s testing capabilities and outcomes or quality assurance through gated assurance, health checks or deep dive analysis, our capabilities ensure you are positioned to successfully deliver the investment outcome required. This can be supplemented with our risk and cybersecurity assessments. {Push to Risk & Cybersecurity Capabilities page}

Assurance reviews are an established industry standard. And with good reason. They help identify any risks and actions for project teams to be paying close attention to in the lead up to and after key junctures in the project, like a go-live. It can also identify improvement opportunities for that initiative and across the organisation.

Grow Your Way with Our Capabilities in

Quality & Assurance Planning

Integrating quality management into the program and project planning, to ensure quality is considered up front and integrated into delivery. It is the optimal approach.


From the development of test strategy, test plans, test cases, test scenarios and test results to the management of testing or the independent review of testing and test results, we provide that verification of performance to support your teams and provide an expert trusted result.

Assurance reviews & Health checks

Providing the means to guarantee performance for both the executives investing in change, and the teams delivering it.

We have extensive capabilities in gated assurance reviews and health checks, having completed hundreds of reviews for our clients, and typically deliver more than 50 reviews and reports each year. We’re trusted with this task by many of our clients.

We provide a highly repeatable, and cost-effective process that ensures close collaboration with project decision makers, while maintaining independence, ensuring that findings and recommendations are accepted and gain traction, improving delivery, rather than becoming just another document.

Deep dive & Risk reviews

Beyond the standard assurance process can be the need for targeted reviews of risks, or deep dives into specific areas to assess risk or target remedies for known risks. This gets to the bottom of issues before they create mission critical impacts.

Work with us to deliver quality assurance in your organisation.


What is program delivery and project delivery?

Program delivery and project delivery is essentially leveraging from program management and project management methods to deliver the outcomes defined required by the program or project.  It includes knowing how to support your business plans, leveraging your existing assets and capabilities, and building the new capabilities to successfully define and deliver against the program or project plan to achieve the objectives you are after. The objectives could be to reduce costs, streamline processes and reduce double handling, support new revenue streams or any other growth strategy you have. By leveraging your experience with our services at IPG, you can start your program delivery or project delivery with confidence and security.

What is project assurance by IPG?

If IPG is not delivering, we can still add to a successful delivery, and reduce any risks through program assurance or project assurance.  We leverage our deep industry knowledge and experience to tailor our approach to the uniqueness of your circumstances. For project assurance and program assurance, we undertake an impartial, yet constructive assessment, aimed at supporting those delivering or sponsor the work, to maximise their chances of success. The assessment is intended to create a set of recommendations that are practical, understood, accepted and critical to the successful delivery of your unique program or project.

How can your business benefit from the IPG method?

Our team works to identify specific risks that may prevent your project from successfully meeting your business objectives and goals. This includes certain key aspects that we assess, such as your project management processes, organisational capabilities and risk appetite.