The Bid Picture Podcast

The Bid Picture Podcast

“The Bid Picture” podcast, a trusted source of cybersecurity insights, offers more than just the latest news and facts. They believe in fostering a diverse and dynamic conversation around cybersecurity, encouraging our audience to explore different viewpoints on these crucial matters. Hosted by Bidemi Ologunde from sunny Florida, United States, “The Bid Picture” is your go-to podcast for an engaging exploration of cybersecurity.

In an episode of THE BID PICTURE podcast, our CEO, Mark Nicholls, engaged in a compelling conversation with Bidemi Ologunde. The discussion centered on the profound impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the decision-making processes related to business risk. Mark elaborated on the duality of AI, emphasizing its capacity for both positive and negative outcomes, contingent upon its application. In particular, he delved into the intricate domain of cybersecurity, recognizing its specialized nature, while emphasizing our primary focus – business risk and the implications for information, data, records, and content management.

Mark’s insights extend to the transformative potential of AI in the realm of information management, where it can streamline data comprehension and elevate security protocols. We invite you to tune in to the full podcast episode to gain valuable perspectives on harnessing AI for the benefit of your organization.



🎧 Listen to the full podcast here:

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