Risk & Cyber Security

Having a presence in the digital world is unavoidable. And while this means the risks are unavoidable too, they can be mitigated with the right risk management strategy in place.

We work with you to protect your digital assets and reputation so you can maximise the gains and limit the risks from your digital presence. But cybersecurity risk cannot be considered in isolation. Our approach is to ensure that your entire business and technology landscape is protecting your most critical assets and business interests.

The importance of identifying, addressing and monitoring cybersecurity risks is continuously increasing. From risk assessments to cyber governance and enterprise architecture, we’ve been delivering services within the cybersecurity space since 2013, and continue to expand our knowledge and capabilities in line with the emerging needs of our clients.

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Access targeted expertise to identify and close the weakest links across your identify, protect, detect, respond and recover lifecycle.

Our Risk & Cybersecurity Capabilities

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Security & Risk Assessments

When you know, you can act.

Do you know about all the digital risks at play within your organisation? What’s your comfort with the “don’t know what you don’t know” category? Our Cybersecurity and Risk Assessment services uncover these risks and determine which require action to mitigate, which are tolerable but ideally reduced and which you can live with, or they take more to mitigate than the risk itself.

Improving your cybersecurity practices can, and should, be tailored to your business risk and requirements. Whether you need a strategic, tactical or operational approach, our assessments and audits can be targeted to the areas in your business that are in most need of attention.

It’s important that cybersecurity considerations don’t operate in isolation. Consistent with ISO27001 and ISO27002 standards, we deliver assessments and audits that are sympathetic to overall business conditions, culture and risk.

Our approach to cybersecurity extends across our full range of capabilities including reviews and assessments for security, privacy, fraud and ethics as well as threat and risk assessments and security audits.

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Cyber Risk Management

Our business risk perspective will help you improve security and reduce risk across a wide range of areas including sourcing and procurement, strategic, business and operational planning, establishment of key business systems and frameworks, vendor and contract management, policy development and implementation, ICT processes, technology management, fraud control, occupational health & safety, business continuity, disaster recovery and crisis management.

Strategic Risk Assessment, Threat & Risk Assessments

Consider threats that may exist, your vulnerability to those threats, and the implications for your organisation should they be realised so you can direct investment and improvement to the areas that need it most, and not be distracted on technical or compliance based remediations that do little to protect what matters and only distract from or frustrate core business.

Landscape Risk Assessment

Also known as environmental scans, landscape risk assessment is the perfect solution when a range of risks are known, but they need to be articulated, assessed and triaged into a roadmap or remediation plan.

Security Assurance

This is for when you need to gain some assurance over a critical cybersecurity initiative. Or it could be a broader initiative that has cybersecurity risk embedded within it. Or perhaps you have a technology service or product provider doing cybersecurity work for you, but have no reliable way of validating the result.

These are all examples of how we assist our clients with cybersecurity assurance. Assurance will help your organisation to apply constructive improvement to a program or project to reduce future risk. Find out more about our Assurance capabilities here.

If you’re ready to know your risks and gain insight into your overall risk reductions get in touch today for a confidential conversation.

Enterprise Cyber Strategy & Architecture

Establish protection from the ground up.
The right enterprise Cyber Strategy and Architecture are the building blocks that will protect your organisation from the ground up.

Our approach leverages security into your business and technology systems and products from the start. Taking a business risk perspective, it builds a foundation where it creates most value. We apply ISO 27001/2, NIST and Essential8, TOGAF and a selective use of ISACA and COBIT if and when appropriate.

Cyber Strategy and Architecture can exist as standalone, guidance document, or they can be integrated into existing Enterprise Architectures, organisational strategies and plans. Whichever approach works best for you, we will help you apply your strategy or architecture to business decision making via a defined governance model, making sure cyber considerations are integrated into everyday operations.

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Cyber Strategy

Taking a strategic view of the cyber challenge, a Cyber Strategy can often be combined with a Threat and Risk assessment to build a 2 – 3 year (or more) strategy that defines the key priorities, capabilities and initiatives to focus on, and how this is integrated into your governance and delivery approach.

The Threat and Risk Assessment provides a current state view, and a projection of likely priority initiatives. This is then built into a staged improvement and implementation approach for how you manage Cyber risk into the future.

Enterprise & Solutions Cyber Architecture

Building on existing enterprise architecture artefacts and activities, Cyber Architecture can be defined and integrated into those other domains. This integrates Cyber as a business-as-usual activity instead of it being something you tack on later.

Security-By-Design & DevSecOps

Consistent with Cyber Strategy and Cyber Architecture approaches, a Security-by-Design approach builds Cyber into your way of working and into your development lifecycle. This makes it an up-front consideration, rather than an afterthought and it can be built into all aspects of business and technology. DevSecOps integrates cyber into the software development lifecycle.

If it’s time to integrate cybersecurity as part of how your organisation works, please get in touch to see how our expertise can help.

Cyber Governance & Information Security Management Systems (ISMS)

Establish and maintain your cybersecurity standards.

Establishing and maintaining a high-quality cybersecurity position for your organisation requires the establishment of high-quality Cyber Governance and an Information Security Management System (ISMS).

We can help you review your current ISMS or build one from the ground up, ensuring that governance design and definitions are in place to ensure that cybersecurity standards are maintained. Just like a quality management approach, we’ll ensure that your ISMS has the right range of policies, processes, standard operating procedures and forms for the situations that will impact your business.

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Cyber Governance Design

With or without an Information Security Management System, clarity over decision making roles and responsibilities is best practice. Without it, who decides what cyber risk your organisation can tolerate, what systems get patched or not, and what mitigations get implemented? While some CIOs and Executives may take on the responsibility, where does the CEO and Board come in to take their share and how is that defined? We will help you work out how.

Information Security Management System (ISMS) Design & Implementation

Whether your ISMS is a standalone document or needs to be integrated into your quality management system, we can help you clearly define the security policies, processes and rules in your business and where required, integrate them into your existing business systems. This can be design only, design and supervise or design and deliver, varying the volume of work your team needs to do.

Information Security Management System (ISMS) Review

If you have an ISMS in place, a review will ensure it’s fit-for-purpose and current to your existing needs.

ISO Accreditation

Get third party accreditation that your ISMS meets ISO27000 requirements. Prove to your clients and stakeholders that you meet industry standards. And gain a marketplace advantage from your competitors. As industry expectations change, visible performance of suppliers and customers in this area becomes more critical.

Get in touch with us today to find out how to set the cybersecurity standards in your business.

Security Solutions and Services

Identify, protect, detect, respond and recover.

Our expertise in cybersecurity allows us to provide you with a range of supporting solutions and services that will meet your needs across the identify, protect, detect, respond and recover lifecycle.

This includes penetration testing, application testing, phishing simulations and training, as well as security management and the configuration of networks, servers, end user devices and firewalls.

When you work with us, you’ll get reliable, trustworthy advice that ensures you’re using the best solutions and services. And if you’re using third party solutions, we can help to ensure the technology is installed and configured to match your needs.

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Penetration Testing

Taking a hackers lens to the security of your network, websites and systems allows for risks to be considered, tested and assessed, and actions taken as required.

Application Testing

Targeted testing at specific applications, whether hosted on-premise or in the cloud, provides increased certainty of their resilience and areas of weakness allowing sound judgements to be made on whether or not to remediate.

Phishing Simulations & Training

Engage your own team in the challenge of cybersecurity. People are known as the weakest security link. But in having them participate in security simulations and training and uplifting their capability, we can provide you with a measurement benchmark for this risk. This also brings cybersecurity onto the office or shop or warehouse or factory floor, making it real for your team, so they can play their role in this area.

Security Management & Configuration

From meeting Essential8 recommendations through to patching and configuration and more advanced needs, technical security management and configuration may be required to supplement your own team.

If you’re looking for trusted cybersecurity support, then we can help.

Threat Detection and Response

Getting ahead of the risks with cybersecurity.
When you implement a proactive monitoring and response capability into your business, you’ll always know when a threat or breach could impact your operations. And if it does, you’ll know when it has, what happened and how, which puts you in front of the curve for diagnosis and rectification.

We deliver managed Threat Detection and Response, Vulnerability Management and Incident Response, allowing you to benefit from our cybersecurity expertise by taking control of situations and managing them to an optimal outcome.

When you’ve got ongoing risk mitigation, you’ll free your technology and security staff to perform their core roles and devote their time to the areas of most value to your cyber risk and general business needs.

Our security toolset combines security monitoring, global threat intelligence and vulnerability management and automated response capabilities into the one offering, ensuring each is leveraging from the other. And if you’ve got established security toolsets within your organisation, we can use those, ours or a combination of both to deliver you with the best possible support.

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Threat Detection & Response

Get proactive, immediate and automated response to cybersecurity threats as they occur within your organisation. This can cut-off some attacks before they create any damage.

Threat Intelligence

Benefit from threat intelligence that integrates global knowledge of existing and emerging threats so suspicious patterns can be identified quickly as they occur within your network.

Vulnerability Management

Identify any vulnerabilities that have crept into your technology environment or not been patched appropriately. These can then be triaged to apply the highest priority patches first.

Continuous Security Monitoring

Access Continuous Security Monitoring for 24-hours a day, 7-days a week or 8-hours a day, 5-days a week, depending on your requirements.

Advanced Response Assistance

Should an incident occur, we ensure that your in-house and external technology providers are properly briefed in the remediation actions required to manage a threat proactively or reactively.

Business Response Assistance

Hands on support and advice to initiate and oversee mandatory reporting obligations, stakeholder communications, fraud investigations, forensic accounting, and legal briefings. Hopefully never required, but if it is, you’ll be happy it’s there.

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Why is there a need for Cyber defence?

Cybersecurity is critical because it safeguards all types of data against theft, loss or manipulation. Sensitive data, personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI), personal information, intellectual property, data, and governmental and industry information systems all require cyber security.

Additionally, without your data intact and your systems accessible, you cannot run your organisation.  And that brings nothing good for you.

Your company can’t defend itself against breaches without a cybersecurity program, without which you are an easy target for fraudsters, opportunists, activists and disruptors.

What Cyber security services do you provide?