Grow Your Way!

Explore our latest insights to discover how organisations like yours are applying digital transformation strategies for growth.

From digital strategy and implementation to risk and cybersecurity, Information Professionals Group will equip your business to successfully leverage digital technology so you can grow your way.


With decades of experience, our Digital and ICT Strategy capabilities will help you choose the right technology, for the right reasons at the right cost.


Let us help you take your strategy into actionable outcomes with a clear purpose that deliver on your business objectives.


Protect your reputation and make sure your technology landscape is securing your most critical assets and business interests.

With specialist expertise in growing companies, councils, government, utilities and health and community organisations, we understand the complexities and sensitivities associated with rolling out change in challenging environments.


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What does it mean to “Grow Your Way”?

“Grow Your Way” means leveraging the opportunities within your business. We help our clients discover what they don’t know so they can fix a problem or capture an opportunity. We adapt our approach to achieve the desired outcome and apply them pragmatically and with common sense to suit your most pressing and important needs.

What is an indication of “growth” in this sense?

Achieving business objectives, whatever this means for you.  It could be growing revenue, growing efficiency (reducing costs), growing agility, growing digital services, growing options for clients, growing an ecosystem of suppliers and partners, growing staff engagement or a range of other growth objectives you may have.

What is IPG’s business?

Information Professionals offers totally independent, expert management advice, consulting and capabilities to deliver outcomes for our clients in:

  • Digital transformation strategy, Digital technology strategy (ICT, Information, Governance, Sourcing)
  • Strategy Implementation (Business Case, Go to Market, Business Analysis, Change Management, Program/Project Delivery, PMO, Assurance and Risk Management)
  • Risk and Cyber Security (Security and Risk reviews, Cyber Strategy, Cyber Architecture, Cybersecurity services).

What is IPG’s edge vs competitors?

Impact, Methodology and Transparency are our points of difference.

We have a focus on impact. We take the initiative to identify the key, breakthrough capabilities that will help a client to achieve success – this means they don’t have to do everything – just the things that are going to create the most impact within their business.

Our methods and approach is highly focused. We help our clients to discover what they don’t know so they can fix a problem or capture an opportunity.  This focuses on the impacts we seek with our clients, and supports the transparency of how we work together.

Transparency is about how we lead, build trust and collaborate successfully. We will be there when you need us. An extension of your team, building your capability as we create results.

Why is digital consultancy necessary?

It is necessary so change can be implemented with confidence.

Our clients are looking for a partner who will give them the confidence to successfully define and implement the change they know their organisation needs, to be able to grow in the way they want to grow.

They may sense that there’s a problem they need to solve, but aren’t always able to put their finger on it. They may not understand the cause and effect the problem is having on their organisation. And if they do have an idea of the problem, they don’t have the capability or confidence to solve it on their own.

What digital professional services can you provide?

We provide Digital & ICT strategy, Implementation and Risk & Cyber Security.

If you’ve been thinking about resetting your direction, rethinking your digital sourcing and procurement, building internal digital technology capabilities, making improvements around your digital maturity or setting new target operating models and governance, then our digital and IT strategy capabilities will help transform your business.

When it comes to delivering digital technology outcomes that align with your business objectives, you need a partner who can support you to define what it is you want to achieve and then get it done on time and within budget. That is when implementation is vital.

Having a presence in the digital world is unavoidable. And while this means the risks are unavoidable too, they can be mitigated with the right risk management strategy in place. We work with you to protect your digital assets and reputation so you can maximise the gains and limit the risks from your digital presence.

Are you ready to Grow Your Way?