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About This Project

A Victorian Council had three teams (Information Technology, Information and Data, and Digital) and required maturity assessments, resource and capability assessments and a tactical 2-year plan to uplift performance in information technology, information, records and data management disciplines.



The Situation

The Council (Council) Plan 2021-25 states the Council’s Vision as leaders, change makers setting ambitious targets and making them happen for our community.  This requires Council transformation through current and future projects and initiatives that brings together key delivery stakeholders, Digital business transformation program, Information Technology, and Information & Data units, in particular records management.

An Information Technology and Information and Data Blueprint will underpin and support this transformation and hence they commissioned IPG to develop this for them.


The Approach

We worked with Council to develop practical and pragmatic Information Technology and Information and Data strategies that support their business transformation with an approach that:

  • Provided a 2-year horizon.
  • Complemented the Digital transformation roadmap.
  • Provided clear strategic direction and prioritisation of services required to be enhanced to meet the needs of Council’s strategic business objectives.
  • Identified and prioritised IT and ID projects to meet Council’s regulatory requirements, service improvement initiatives and compliment Council’s transformation program.

Gartner and PROV maturity assessments were leveraged to define target state and gaps, and initiatives.

Resource, skills and financial assessments were also undertaken, and current state and future stat assessments were developed.  The IT Change Management (Service Management) at Council was also reviewed and a revised fit-for-purpose Change Management framework developed.  An integrated delivery plan provided the clear plan for future steps in implementing the Blueprint.


The Impact

The Blueprint has now been delivered and work is underway as defined by the Blueprint.

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Local Government

Capabilities Delivered
  • IT, Information and Records Management
  • IT, information and data, and records management maturity assessments
  • Roadmap and delivery plan
  • Resource, financial and performance management assessment, and planning
  • Change management framework
Client Wins
  • Target state maturity assessments across IT, information and records domains aligned to Gartner and PROV standards.
  • A 2-year delivery plan, integrating both existing and new projects
  • Introduced new financial management practices and financial comparatives to build capability
ICT + DIGITAL STRATEGY, Local Government