Where does Management Consulting fit?

Where does Management Consulting fit?

Every organisation has their individual needs in a world where considering and implementing change is becoming the norm. This requires a diversity of skills and perspectives to support strategy, design, and implementation outcomes.  These are some of those perspectives.

Organisational transformation

Never in history has there been a time where your existing business, operating model, and structure needs review to suit the future of your industry and marketplace.  Competition, the changing needs of buyers and the impact of digital are rapidly changing all aspects of all industries and the status quo.  How your industry changes is not a question of if but when.  Priorities may be to review your business model, your operational design, and your business and organisational structures, and then recommend, advise, design, and implement the recommended change to lift performance and increase agility.

People culture and leadership

The personnel of any organisation can represent both the greatest opportunity and perhaps the greatest risk to prosperity. So, channelling and organising that capability in a way that increases the opportunity and reduces risk is clearly the objective.  Generational change at both ends of the demographic, is bringing a variety of needs in capturing the potential of having diversity across the team.

Corporate finance

The health of any organisation is often determined by the Corporate Finance function. Corporate Finance can also create the leadership to push the organisation to attain higher performance. As such, it needs to be on top of its own game.  Corporate Finance transformation supports you dealing with short term needs due to growth and projects.

Procurement and sourcing

Procurement practices should be supporting improved organisational performance, not creating a risk to it. You want a successful ecosystem of support, not a barrier to that support or risk in the way it is used.  Innovative offerings in a changing marketplace, fracturing of traditional supply chains, and more diverse consumer needs, makes effective procurement and sourcing even more critical than ever.  If you are seeking to transform what you do, or make incremental improvements, sourcing and procurement related expertise will help.

Operations and logistics

Operations and logistics can be the engine room of organisational performance. It can deliver improvements in customer service and immediate cost reductions and improve the bottom line.  It is also an area impacted by digital and industry structure change, creating both risk and opportunity for existing practices.

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