What changes will the OGC demise bring?

What changes will the OGC demise bring?

After last year’s first step of moving the OGC, its pieces have now been split up and the OGC as an entity in its own right has now officially ended.  This was confirmed in mid-April.  What does this mean for everyone that uses the many methodologies produced by OGC (all trademarked to Office of Government Commerce), such as PRINCE2, MSP, Gateway, M_o_R and the increasing numbers of others.

Well to start with, what is clear is that everything that the old OGC used to do is being scrutinised.  It seems unlikely that they would get rid of things that generate revenue, and in most cases, it would seem that the training and accreditation programs supporting the methodologies would generate significant royalty revenue at the very least.  But just because they are revenue earning doesn’t mean they will be maintained.  We see governments close down activities that earn money all the time if it doesn’t fit within their priorities.

So with formal confirmation of the OGC being split up less than one month old, it is probably too early to know exactly what the future will hold.  However, so far, it seems the only thing that is under threat is the Gateway Hubs.  This may have an impact on some government bodies in Australia, although in some cases, they themselves have started moving away from a strict interpretation of Gateway, and adding more pragmatism into their gating/governance frameworks.  Of course we encourage this approach in all methods, and while strict methodology purists may frown upon it, some of us have the experience to go with the methods to know what actually works.  As a result, the retirement of Gateway Hubs may not be a huge impact.

Also worth considering is that supplier risk is always a consideration in any procurement and in the adoption of any standards.  When relying on another government department for supply, supplier risk is probably not considered so seriously by most, after all, aren’t all governments going to be around forever.  Of course governments themselves are, but how long will they support a particular initiative, well that can be anyone’s guess.

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