Was this job too much for KPMG

Was this job too much for KPMG

The world of big business can be a little scary I suppose.  In the case of Queensland Health’s payroll debacle, you have two of the biggest IT companies in the world in SAP and IBM.

Not even they could stop what happened from happening.  But what was surprising for me was the Stage 2 KPMG report into Queensland Health.

It seemed to be written by someone who is a little scared about offending anyone, perhaps concerned about any legal ramifications or impact on relationships or perhaps concerned about stating a view.

It starts with two pages of Scope, then 3 pages of Approach, then 3 and a half pages of Observations, half of which was dedicated to areas for future investigation.  It then capped it all off with 2 pages of Disclaimers.  The Disclaimers are of the same volume as the Observations.

KPMG can do great work, but don’t count this piece of public record as one of them, this is far from saying anything other than “let’s be cautious”.

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