Seth Godin…more than just marketing

Seth Godin…more than just marketing

Know more of our IMPLEMENTATION capabilities.


Seth Godin is one of my favourite marketing and business writers.  I love this recent blog which some may feel has nothing to do with marketing, but really has everything to do with it and with business.  Seth writes:

The difference between running and managing a project

If you choose to manage a project, it’s pretty safe. As the manager, you report. You report on what’s happening, you chronicle the results, you are the middleman.
If you choose to run a project, on the other hand, you’re on the hook. It’s an active engagement, bending the status quo to your will, ensuring that you ship.
Running a project requires a level of commitment that’s absent from someone who is managing one. Who would you rather hire, a manager or a runner?

In my experience, organisations rarely deliver a result by managing a project, it takes people running them to deliver results.  And if you can’t deliver a result you can’t create a good reputation, a good brand or a good business…that is marketing 101.

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