Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority

About This Project

A statutory authority undertook an ICT and Enterprise Systems review and strategy development and needed to implement a new Enterprise System.



The Situation

Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority (SHFA) was a NSW State Government Statutory Authority that holds responsibility for the maintenance and/or management of some of Sydney’s most iconic places. This includes Darling Harbour and Circular Quay among many others. It has since been merged into PropertyNSW.

The Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, once established, had since grown and needed to assess its strategic ICT needs.  Information Professionals worked with the CIO to develop an ICT Strategy that identified the need for improved asset management and an Enterprise System to support asset management and other corporate functions. We worked with SHFA to develop a business case.

Information Professionals was further engaged to provide strategic advice and implementation support for the implementation of an ERP solution in the Cloud (Software As A Service). The implementation encompasses a number of modules: Finance, Procurement, Asset Management, BI and Portal.


The Approach

One of the major challenges was that the ERP solution was SAP’s SAP by Design solution. This was a Software as a Service solution.  However, part way through the project, SAP changed architectural direction in the early stages of the project and became less committed to delivering what was argued as the already agreed functionality (including customisations to be built by SAP into the core product). The resulted in a significant delay as agreements had to be confirmed and/or redrafted with the input of legal from both sides.

Program Management and Assurance assistance was beneficial in ensuring that the supplier commitments were captured and documented, and that any subsequent offers were properly interpreted and able to be assessed.

IPG led the overall work, including the business process, requirements, and implementation work. This required definition of standards and quality review and guidance of internal Business Analysts. The resulting change in direction by SAP required a significant review of scope and as a result business process designs and prioritisation of requirements.


The Impact

The project was delivered successfully and is successfully used today.

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Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority


State Government Statutory Authority

Capabilities Delivered
  • SaaS Enterprise system
  • Vendor management and negotiation
  • Business process, change management, testing
  • Project management.
Client Wins
  • Challenging vendor conditions and re-negotiation
  • Delivery of project management, supporting skills and quality assurance.
  • The second global implementation of the SAP by Design solution.