Are Government Systems Implementation More Difficult

Are Government Systems Implementation More Difficult

With systems implementations struggling in both the private and public sectors, is there really any difference to the challanges associated with large scale IT based change.

We would argue, yes, but just as there is different areas of risk and challenge associated with every business and to some degree different business sectors.

Some of these factors that may impact upon increase risk/challenge for government includes:

  • Less clarity on objectives and measurable outcomes.  eg. does ROI count as much as other factors in government, and how measurable are these other benefits?
  • Leadership.  What can be associated with the above is the question of strength of leadership.  If the outcomes aren’t clear then how can the leadership be so….and vice versa?
  • Access to resourcing and skills.  Government can be impacted by increased constraints in gaining access to the right skills, sometimes very unique skills in driving change dont you think?

There is a few others too that may apply.  We may expand and discuss this further down the track.

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