Patsy Harcourt-Cooze

Resourcing Manager
Specialty areas:



With 16 years’ experience in recruitment and administration, Patsy ensures that the clients of Information Professionals Group have the best people in place to successfully deliver transformation projects within their organisation.

Patsy is a people person who loves discovering what makes people tick. When she does, she is able to visualise their potential and what they could contribute to a project, even if they’ve never worked within that space before.

She believes that finding the right person isn’t all about their qualifications or experience or skill. It’s also about what drives them and how they respond instead of react to any given situation and so she looks for people who can handle any challenge that’s thrown at them.

When Patsy connects the dots, matches the right person to a role and gives them the chance to shine, it not only delivers results for a project, but gives that person purpose. And that’s a win for everyone.