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Information Professionals helps you to Grow Your Way.  This could be growth in business, in efficiency, in maturity, and in whatever this means for your special needs and circumstances.

We help you to make sound business decisions about technology, how to implement them, how to engage suppliers effectively, how to assess the real business outcomes you can achieve and at what risk, and then successfully deliver them.

This is strategy execution and this is what Information Professionals does best. We support our clients to manage and lead the change, adding expertise and experience to ensure your success.

Importantly, we do not sell, resell, or earn commissions from recommending or assisting with the sale of any technology solutions. This is one of our four guarantees we provide.

What you get from us is quality performance from our team, including former CIOs, CFOs, business and government decision makers, just like you, and access to our supporting specialists.


Information Professionals recognises the criticality of a measured and practical response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The attached guidelines are provided to Information Professionals clients, employees and contractors in light of the emerging COVID-19 challenge to help assure you that we are aware of, and actively managing, any associated risks with this virus.

We will continue to monitor and manage this situation closely and will communicate to ensure appropriate working arrangements are in place.

All of our systems and processes are able to operate on-line.  We have a mobile workforce and are able to adapt to the evolving needs of the community in response to the Pandemic.

Information Professionals COVID-19 Guidelines for Employees and Contractors

Information Professionals COVID-19 Guidelines for Clients


Each of our team demonstrates the qualities that we believe are most important in being the best option for you in providing trusted support to accomplishing your goals.

The qualities that we value in our team include experience, adaptability, team orientation and professionalism. These are defined in the Information Professionals Code of Honor. Client surveys have defined our team as being adaptable, experienced and client focused.
Our guarantees ensure that we deliver the right people in the right environment to work actively on your behalf.

We have managed or advised on some of the largest government IT projects in Australia, and also provided independent witness support work for organisations involved in litigation as a result of failed IT delivery.

We are a member of the Australian Information Industries Association (AIIA) and other industry bodies and contribute through industry events, speaking engagements, publications and internet/social media channels.

We have worked with all major standards and methodologies, and our team is variously accredited. This includes: ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 31000, ISO 10006, ISO 20000, ISO 27000, ISO 38500, CoBIT, ISO 15504, CMMi, PMBoK, PRINCE2, MSP, IPMA PM Competency Model, Gateway.


Mark D Nicholls founded Information Professionals in 2005 and remains one of the most trusted IT management advisors in Australia. Information Professionals remains committed to being the most respected IT and Change Management consulting business in Australia. We do this through our commitment to our clients’ success.

Information Professionals program and project delivery and assurance, governance and consulting and provision of specialist skills is what supports this. Our service categories include:

Information Professionals works more commonly with larger and generally more complex organisations. We are privately owned and have offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne.


Mark D Nicholls founded Information Professionals in 2005 after his success with Queensland Rail’s major SAP based initiative behind him and an Australian Institute of Project Management award proudly displayed on Queensland Rail’s website. Mark and his teams reputation had gathered a strong following. Even today, this project remains one of the most successful ERP implementations of its size in Australia in the past decade, certainly within government.


Information Professionals stands for ensuring success for its clients in implementing business and technology change. We are aware of the risk involved in changing the business and technology assets of an existing organisation and we aim to keep our clients successful in doing so.

Information Professionals project/programme/portfolio management, quality assurance, business process and change management, and strategy and governance services are central to achieving this.

We work predominantly with larger and generally more complex organisations, particularly with government and government related organisations. We have offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne.


In the absence of some defined values, every individual will use their own values or make up their own. They will all be different. This is why we have our Code of Honour. We believe that successful people and successful teams have a code that is understood by all and never negotiated. The code is a reflection of what we stand for and the accountability we have to each other. It will attract others who believe in the same principles as we do. It helps us keep each other accountable to the same standards, which are our team standards. It makes us a better team.


Mark D Nicholls founded Information Professionals in 2005 and remains one of the most trusted IT management advisors in Australia. Information Professionals remains committed to being the most respected IT management consulting business in Australia, through its commitment to its clients’ success. Our Mission is to keep our clients successful, Keeping Your Organisation Successful.


IP are a member of a number of industry associations, professional bodies and holds other relationships.


IP is very passionate about the impact it has on the world at large beyond those direct impacts upon its clients and staff. This is why we like to contribute to worthwhile causes and we like all of our clients and staff to enjoy that part of what we do as much as we do. For more information please find out on the B1G1 page.


We make the following guarantees to our clients in all of our dealings with you. These guarantees come with both a promise (of what we will do or not do) and a penalty or remedy you can expect from us. More information is available through discussion and provided on appointment.


We recognise that you have many choices in the market place, and the service quality of what you receive can vary markedly. As a result we want to make sure we are explicit about what you get from us, and do so, not with vacant promises, but with a guaranteed commitment behind those promises. Please let us know if you have any questions.


We recognise that you have many choices in the market place, and the service quality of what you receive can vary markedly. As a result we want to make sure we are explicit about what you get from us, and do so, not with vacant promises, but with a guaranteed commitment behind those promises. Please let us know if you have any questions.


We aim for all of our team members to be professional, adaptable, experienced and understand our client’s business. We want you to help us ensure that we comply with your code of conduct, ethics and expectations and help us police the quality of our own team. Sometimes you may see traits in our team members that are not always evident to us. Hence we encourage your feedback, whether this is good or bad.


We recognise that having clear and correct invoices are crucial to ensuring a successful and healthy long-term relationship. We therefore want to ensure that we provide accurate, understandable, timely and compliant invoices, timesheets and other associated material.


We want you to be satisfied with your interactions with us and the work we do for you. If you are not satisfied at all with the service we provide we want you to tell us straight away so we can rectify it immediately.


Why a code

In the absence of a code, every individual will use their own code or make up their own. They will all be different. Successful people and successful teams have a code that is understood by all and never negotiated. The code is a reflection of what we stand for and the accountability we have to each other. It will attract others who believe in the same principles as we do. It helps us keep each other accountable to the same standards, which are our team standards. It makes us a better team.

Our Code

  1. Everyone on the team takes full ownership and responsibility, no making excuses, denial, justification or pointing blame
  2. Be respectful of all resources, including the time of others, find solutions to problems and don’t dump on others

  3. Serve others first, give first, be willing to push others to higher performance,– talk to others in their terms, using their language, give thanks before expecting anything back – this includes your energy and attention
  4. Be open and committed to personal and professional growth

  5. Everyone brings a unique talent and perspective – recognize and play to their strengths

  6. Make only agreements that you are willing to keep and clean up any broken or potentially broken agreements ASAP

  7. When in doubt check your gut, check with others, and if need be act first and debrief later
  8. Be willing to do what it takes, legally, ethically and morally, to win and celebrate every win

  9. Never abandon a teammate in need – support early, often and unconditionally
  10. Be willing to “call” and “be called”

  11. Everyone must sell – sell their own ideas and influence others and sell Information Professionals and our mission

The Heart of the Code – Calling and being Called

If these are the team’s rules then the team should enforce them. If this is the job of only the boss then the rules will mean little. And then who will call the boss too. It is the rules that are the easy part, calling breaches early and consistently is what makes them real.

Calling Others

  1. Pick and appropriate time – not in front of a client or in front of peers but doing it timely is important
  2. If you’re uncomfortable calling it, say so to the person you are calling
  3. Ask for permission to call it, eg. “Is it OK to talk about this right now?”
  4. Focus on the behavior not the person and use language accordingly. Speak supportively and with good purpose. Use “The Code” as support, these are our rules.
  5. Be specific about what didn’t work. Offer support to help improve to meet the code.
  6. Focus on the benefits of improving, the benefits for the team and for the individual
  7. If necessary, remind what we have all previously agreed to
  8. Allow a response, and thank them for their response
  9. As the behavior improves and they meet the standard, acknowledge it and thank them for it. No big deal but makes sure they know that you noticed.

Being Called

  1. Take a deep breath. Nobody likes being corrected but this process is what makes you a better person, a better team player and a better leader. Take a deep breath, including breathing out
  2. Acknowledge that whatever is being said to you is the truth for that person. It has taken courage and for them to be concerned for them to bring this to your attention
  3. Listen actively. Do not build your defense or switch off, listen and confirm what is being said
  4. If you made a mistake, be honest, admit to it. Justifying and blaming means the discussion will be prolonged. Of course not being “right” and admitting a mistake can be tough, but this is the very act that will build the team and build you
  5. Ask how to make things right and how to make amends to the team
  6. If the call being made is not right, or not the whole story, go back to the Code to resolve anything else that has arisen
  7. Be truly interested and inquisitive about the call. Recognise that this process is what keeps you together as a team. Your active participation, and the active participation of everyone in this process will build your team

All of our team members get guidelines for how to apply the code, and also how to recognise when it is and isn’t being applied.

They also get guidelines for how to apply the IP code on site with our clients because our clients may have different value systems and so while the code applies to their behaviour it will not to our clients.


Australian Information Industry Association

The pre-eminent industry association for the digital technology sector.

Project Management Institute

Leading association for the project management profession


The world’s leading professional association for the advancement of technology


Leading association in IT governance

Certified Practising Accountant

Sixth largest accounting body in the world

Australian Computer Society

The Australian Computer Society (ACS) is the recognised association for Information & Communications Technology (ICT) professionals, attracting a large and active membership from all levels of the ICT industry.

SAP User Group

The SAP Australian User Group (SAUG) provides a forum for individuals and companies within the SAP community to share knowledge, network with their peers, influence the direction of SAP solutions and provide ongoing education for all members.


The Institute of Public Administration Australia (IPAA) enables people with a common interest in public administration and public sector reform to exchange ideas on trends, practices and innovations in public administration. The Institute seeks to promote good governance and excellence in public administration.


Winner AIPM Project Management Achievement Award in 2004


Inskill SA, Commonwealth Endorsed Supplier and Queensland GITC


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