Benchmarking Australia’s IT Use

Australia is ranked 7th and 14th in two recent reports on its effective use of information technology.

Consistently in front of Australia in both reports are the US, Sweden, Switzerland and Finland. Some note was made of the Nordic countries and Korea for their recent efforts.

The domestically perceived weakness of the broadband infrastructure, the associated industry haggles in telecommunications and the ongoing concerns over the quality of secondary and tertiary education may be impediments to moving up the scale.

The two published reports, one from the London School of Economics(i) and the other by the World Economic Forum(ii), assess countries according to their ‘connectivity’, i.e. the extent to which a country’s effective use of ICT is set in relation to its overall economic performance.

Of emerging interest is a ranking of how IT equipment is being dealt with after the end of its useful life. Our next news item profiles on one aspect of Green IT, how IT Equipment is being disposed of globally and how Australia ranks in this regard.

(i) Call to arms for governments worldwide to improve connectivity / Sandra Rossi. – In: Computerworld. – 1 February 2008.

(ii) UK relegated from ICT premier league / David Meyer. – In: ZDNet Australia. – 11 April 2008.